pre:fab TKW CampaignW017

  • Year2022

pre:fab collective ran for President of Te Kāhui Whaihanga NZIA in 2022. pre:fab was nominated by 6 NZIA members and submitted the required information to support our nomination including a biographical statement, pre:fab's vision for TKW and intended areas of focus, and CV. pre:fab was unsuccessful in our campaign to be elected president of TKW, but was subsequently invited to advise the board of directors in advance of the following AGM.

Pre:fab is the obvious choice for President of the NZIA, having over 90 years of experience in the expanded field of architecture practice, past and current involvement with over 30 architecture organisations locally and abroad, more than 15 degrees from institutions of higher learning, as well as the ability to operate in many times and places at once. Pre:fab has intimate knowledge about vast swathes of architecture’s past, operates across fleeting and innumerable moments of practice and dialogue in the present, and lays out a collective vision for Future Belonging™.

On Wednesday 31.05.2023 at 10:25 AM pre:fab members met with Te Kāhui Whaihanga Board members at their annual in-person meeting in advance of the institute's AGM later that day. pre:fab was invited to develop ideas already shared with the board in their presidential nomination application and advise the institute on how it can remain relevant to both the profession and all those who call Aotearoa home. All current and incoming board members were in attendance including the incumbent President Elect Huia Reriti and CEO Teena Hale Pennington.