Our Practice

Groupwork is an emerging architectural design practice with a particular focus on and expertise in the delivery of community centred, sustainable, affordable buildings across a variety of project types in the unique environments of Aotearoa.

Groupwork was formed with a vision of collaborative working arrangements - moving away from architectural exceptionalism based on difference, and towards architectural values based on earnest assessments of objectives, problems and solutions. Groupwork brings together skills and experience gathered over decades in engineering, fabrication, art, architecture, academia, and community building.

Groupwork was conceived as an alternative to conventional architectural practice. We take a redistributive approach redeploying the experience and resources gained through full fee work to support our own non-profit projects, research and pro-bono or reduced fee services for public good. We work with people and communities at a rate that is negotiated relative to their financial means and circumstances and/or the funding sources and social value of their project.