pre:fab Re-launchW012

  • Year2022

For the pre:fab re-launch/party, Groupwork commissioned a collection of architects to turn themselves into models of Tāmaki Makaurau - public spaces of their choice (because Architecture is ubiquitous, public, accessible and part of the fabric of our daily lives). They were spatially arranged in the room as a map based on their IRL locations, from Freyburg Place, to the Avondale Markets, to the Southern Motorway. By attending, each person became part of this simulated city because we are always already all models of Tāmaki Makaurau.

Alongside this Groupwork also launched a ‘Subjective Perspective Generator,’ where everyone and anyone could contribute a vision for Tāmaki. Groupwork is interested in how this tool makes the design process more accessible - whereby the output can be discovered through iteration; redefined and refined by the user. In this instance Groupwork’s interest in generative AI is its capacity to transform the capabilities of the creative classes from a rare commodity to public infrastructure.