Groupwork Platform-W004

  • Year2021

Groupwork participated in the AUT X Challenge, a start-up incubator competition, and pitched a community resourcing and activation platform called Groupwork Platform.

GroupWork’s first mission is to connect individuals and community action groups through a shared calendar of local events and actions. Community action groups and activities will be captured on Group and Activity Cards respectively, and discoverable through two complimentary UX interfaces, the mApp - an interactive map of Aotearoa connecting cards to their communities and those communities to their place - and the Noticeboard - an index that visually prioritises card titles and descriptions over geographic location.

For individuals, the mApp and Notice Board will make finding projects, actions, and events in their neighbourhoods easy and immediate. Date, distance and category filters will orientate engagement towards opportunities for participation happening here and now. Each organisation will be profiled on their Group Card, and asked to submit a downloadable skill focused activity related to their work that can be deployed by individuals any time at home or in their neighbourhood. This works to support the idea that change, learning and research can be actioned right now in small but meaningful ways.

For organisations, the mApp and Notice Board will provide a place to promote and resource their actions, workshops, events, and proposals. By visually aggregating these activities in a relevant, accessible, and easy to share way, the mApp and Notice Board will leverage social media design and technology to surface the collective presence of community groups, and lower the barriers between individuals and collective action, promoting community action and action groups, and helping existing organisations to build resilience through a shared network of existing and potential collaborators, volunteers and supporters.