Bundjalung Trailhead House-W003

  • Year2022

Adjacent to the Evans River on one side, and the Bundjalung National Park on the other, at the start of the Bundjalung Trail, this project was the restoration of a beach town cottage that was extensively damaged in the 2022 NSW Northern Rivers floods, where towns in the area such as Lismore experienced a greater than 1 in 500 year flood event and flood water heights greater than 14 metres. Flood water at the property reached around 1.5m above floor level. The lower level of the house has been converted to storage and caravan parking, with the habitable spaces all moved to the upper floor. The layout and new openings on the upper level have been arranged to suggest movement between cool and shady spaces throughout the middle of the day, and to provide views of sunrises over the Bundjalung forest and sunsets replete with birdsong and fruit bats over the river in the afternoon.